Hi and welcome to my english speaking friends

Work with me
•    If you would like to work with me to sort out the chaos of ideas for a website you have in your head, I can help you organize a structure.
•    If you need graphic design help – maybe you need a logo or a design for a site.
•    Maybe you have ideas for an app – I can help you make it user friendly.
•    Or maybe you need a new website and you need to outsource it – then I can help.

Use the contact form at “Kontakt” if you would like to discuss the best option for you.

Take action and control
When you run your own business, it’s important to have control of your website – take the action when you want to do it and not when the programmer is back from vacation. You want to work when you have momentum and as a business owner, I am sure you are like me, the ideas come 24/7.

The last years I have become more and more interested in food – making food from scratch and raw food. I have also started to meditate and doing yoga. It’s a great new direction in my life that gives me a lot. Food is so important for keeping good health and after I started this change, I hardly get a cold anymore. I also run a business related to ecological and raw food.

I am always eager to learn new things and for me that is part of feeling refueled and alive!

Use the contact form at “Kontakt” if you would like to discuss the best option for you.

I am Frøydis Egge-Jacobsen and I live in Oslo in Norway and I have worked as a user experience (UX) designer for  since 1999. I have worked for consultant companies like Acando, Abeo and Accenture. Since 2008 I have run my own consultant company Bruspulver. I have mostly worked as a subcontractor for bigger companies when my competency is in need. I have been part of big projects for the Norwegian goverment many times and a lot of projects for the private sector.

I have a degree in Fine art from USC (Colorado, USA) with emphasis on graphic design and I have a degree in marketing from business schools in Norway (BI) and France (École supérieure de commerce). I also went to summer school at Parsons (the New school for design) in New York, USA.

Every year I get requests from customers that are about to start their own business if I can help them design their website. Creating a custome made website takes time and usually costs a lot of money. Therefore I have now created Bruspulver Akademiet with many movies where I show what you need to think about before you start creating your website and then I show you how to actually make a website so that you are in control. All the movies are in Norwegian.